July 2021: the trio had the pleasure of playing a few tunes with the great Wynton Marsalis at a mutual friend’s wedding. There was also a mutual feeling that we should do more together!

Delighted that TOM HOOPER is drumming with the trio, and his refinement, wit, ease, power and freedom, and the three-way connection between the players, are pushing the music to new heights, deeper depths. Watch out.

LATEST: New recording Pachyderm is recorded and being mixed right now.  After the more concept-driven character of our last two CDs, this will be a whole disc of original compositions with a multitude of influences, from ecology to memory, via a tribute to Bill Evans, a little help from J.S. Bach, an Elizabethan folk song, 18th century Italian theorists, and even spin-offs from Il Filo, my concerto for accordion and guitar… plush harmony, exotic rhythms, unforgettable melodies … work in progress video here, and we’re proud to be working with double bass legend Oli Hayhurst. Our next gig is at St Giles, Oxford on 9 October 2021 – see below for details – and we hope you can come along.

THE David Gordon Trio has a unique and individual sound world, a strong pedigree and a worldwide following. Their music is characterised by searingly beautiful melodies, free-flowing improvisation and quick-fire humour. All their recordings have received rave reviews in media in the US, Japan and Europe, where they have sold more than 10,000 CDs. The trio has played festivals, radio and clubs in Europe and the UK, and  collaborated with a wide variety of artists, from singer Jacqui Dankworth and saxophonists Andy Sheppard and Jerry Underwood, guitarist John Etheridge to tap-dancer/vocalist Lucy Dixon. A prize-winning composer, David’s composition for the trio Angel Feet appears in Sher Music’s ‘The European Real Book’, and he was commissioned to write a work for the trio + London Chamber Orchestra, entitled ‘Inspired by Bach’. The piece was first performed to a sold-out Cadogan Hall in London in April 2013.

ALEXANDER SCRIABIN’S RAGTIME BAND’ – available from mistersamrecords.com, Scriabin_Ragtime_300x300

‘tremendous musical skill at the service of powerful emotions’ London Jazz News

‘this is one of the finest trio records I have heard in a very long time…scintillatingly well played, the sound utterly fantastic…run and buy!’ Stereopluss.no Norway

‘I absolutely love that!’ Jazz House, BBC Radio Scotland

‘On very rare occasions when listening to the first few bars of the opening track of an album you know that what you are about to hear will be immense. This was such an occasion…. [a] truly outstanding album.’ jazzviews.net

‘David Gordon is a musician of dazzling range.  Here he presents a playful, ingenious, irreverent and deeply respectful reimagining of the eccentric Russian composer’s oeuvre in which Scriabin’s music is filtered through Irving Berlin, foo-de-oh-do vocals, impressionistic jazz, ambient electro, samba, and whatever else occurs to the extravagantly resourceful pianist.’  Mojo

The 14 tracks of the album celebrate the music of this great Russian piano-poet, mystic and synaesthete with jazz interpretations of some of his exquisite piano miniatures, alongside popular music from around the time of his death, in 1915.  The result is that on one mind-blowing album, ambient rock, choro, doo-wop, tango and free-bop rub shoulders with the eponymous rag (which gets the makeover to end all makeovers), all infused with the wit and vibrancy characteristic of this remarkable trio.

Musicweb International (about Angel Feet)

Splendidly recorded this is a consistently stimulating programme from a go-ahead and imaginative trio; they take care of the heritage of the music as well as summoning up something new minted.

John Etheridge Musician Magazine

David Gordon has the wonderful ability to make piano notes glisten like jewelled drops of water

fan in California who got in touch

I can’t believe you all are not hugely famous and I nearly wet my pants when you wrote back

David Owen Norris BBC Radio 3 broadcaster

I haven’t enjoyed anything so much for ages

Crescendo magazine

Thinking and playing as one

Stephen Blier Grammy winner, Julliard professor

I just wish I could play like David Gordon! Such chiseled elegance with all that freedom and improvisation. Something to aspire to

Chattanooga Free Press

An aggressive jazz pianist with a light touch

David Freeman jazzfm

he doesn’t play many notes, but the notes that he does play are almost the selection of a genius


Alexander Scriabin's Ragtime Band

The trio’s sixth and latest recording, and most ambitious concept yet: Scriabin’s music, played trio style, in the context of music from around the year of Scriabin’s death, 1915.

David Gordon Trio Speaks Latin

sees the trio yet again in sparkling form.  Released in 2013 on Nimbus Alliance Records, this CD takes a unique and personal look at music from South America, drawing both on popular music from that continent and songs which capture the revolutionary spirit of the 60s and 70s. ‘Standards’, including versions of Tico Tico and Quizas Quizas Quizas, played like never before, together with originals and Latin jazz tunes by Egberto Gismonti and Lyle Mays, make for a spicy feast for all lovers of jazz and Latin music. Review here. Sound clips here. Buy here.

Second Language

This, their fourth CD on ZahZah, finds the David Gordon Trio in greater telepathic contact than ever, playing their strongest material yet. Included on the album is their version of the already oft-recorded Greenland, the insouciant Second Language and their roof-raising hit Salsova. Aspects of Latin jazz rub shoulders with hints of gypsy and klezmer, a mantra from Tibet, a Finnish-Swedish folk song and a riotous version of Cole Porter’s What Is This Thing Called Love, all imbued with the trio’s usual transparency, polish and panache. A tour de force of contemporary European jazz, suitable for aficionados and new generations of jazz lovers alike.

Angel Feet

The third disc from the David Gordon Trio was the culmination of two years’ intensive work.  The recording is a landmark in the trio’s development, and their particular style of jazz features Celtic, ‘acoustic groove’ and classical – even baroque – influences, and also includes the appearance of a tango and a rhumba. Read a review here. Or here!


In trio playing, as in life, it’s necessary to emerge from the nursery and to mature. ‘Undiminished’, the follow-up, is the ambiguously-named title-track using much more of the language of contemporary jazz, and includes a last-minute experiement in adding to the already-rich texture. Interplay, odd-metre and experimenting with standards are all explored on this ever-popular recording.

Dozen A Day

The result of an extraordinary day of recording at London’s famous AIR Studios.  The trio re-creates the sparkle and clarity of its live performance in a mixture of original compositions and jazz standards, presenting a wonderful range of moods and contrasts.  At one end of the spectrum the bright nursery rhyme quality of the opening track ‘Mister Sam’ to the lullaby elements of ‘Blue Pyrenees’, the poetry of ‘How Insensitive’ and the evergreen ‘Looking Up’.  A thrilling debut album from this young trio.


13 April

David Gordon Trio at Phoenix Foundry Jazz Club

Phoenix Foundry Jazz ClubStroud, UK